Sunday, April 25, 2010

Subway Train

We arrived in Tokyo today.  We stayed last night in Atsugi and ate at a real American McDonalds.  It was heaven.  Have you ever been able to say that about McDonalds?

We dropped all our luggage off at the  New Sanno which is our hotel and headed off to Harajuku.  It's a Sunday and I wanted so badly to see the Harajuku girls that dress up in costumes.  If you remember the last time I was up here it was raining so no girls where out.  Though today was nice and sunny but there still weren't as many as I had hoped.

Coming home we had something very scary happen to us.  We got on the subway train to head home and it was packed.  So packed that we just had enough room to get on and just stand there.  We came up to the next stop and the doors open.  There are tons of people getting on and off and it's a bit hectic.

Bryson gets off the train.  I yell to him this is not our stop.  He turns and takes a step and then I don't see him anymore.  Bryson falls in between the subway train we are riding on and the platform that he was just standing on.

All the locals start yelling and talking in Japanese and Joe bends down to grab Bryson out of the hole.  The platform guards throw up red flags so that the train wouldn't move.  You see there was only about 6-8 inches between the platform and the subway train and he managed to fall right down in it.  Bryson was fine.  More scared than hurt.  He hit his cheekbone on the way down.

I am just so thankful that our simple family vacation didn't have a more tragic outcome.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That's horrible he fell. Glad he wasn't hurt! s

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of the two girls looking at each other...that one is awesome! Can you use that on your photography site?

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I'm your newest follower! Love the pictures!

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