Monday, April 26, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland

We had a few problems getting into Tokyo Disneyland today.  Apparently they have changed their systems and our American debt cards don't work.  Actually any card made in the States didn't work.  We were bummed and not exactly sure what to do because we didn't bring 30 thousand yen with us.  We just figured "It's Disney they will take our cards!"  We only brought enough cash to buy items in the park.

We walked over to the large Disney hotel to use their ATM machine but once again no American cards.  We talked with the hotel about buying tickets through them but they have the same systems.  Luckily there was an ATM about 15 minutes away that took American ATM's and we were able to get into the parks.  Though all that mess ended up putting us an hour behind schedule and it was hard for me to relax afterwards.

The parks weren't too busy.  The longest line we stood in was about 30 minutes.  Chase had a good time riding, It's a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and a few others.  Bryson and Joe had a blast riding Space Mountain and Carter and I loved Buzz Lightyear.  Our favorite family ride is Pirates by far.  We all love that one, and we all want THE RED HEAD!!


Diana said...

I love the pics!

Lindsey said...

Oh, how fun!

Anonymous said...

Great p hotos!! I love Chase sitting like a big boy in front of the house!! And the photo with all the boys making their crazy faces! And Joe holding Chasers upside down. My friend is still prego- great news! Her mom flew intoday from Denver. Hopefully her baby can make it through friday evening. That would be great. I think she'll have the little premie by sunday. Poor thing. Her name will be Tegan Suzanne.
K love ya Dawn.
My little Taylors doing good. 20wks tomorrow. 9 inches 10oz. 46%tile. :)