Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 6 Part 1

December 26th Day 6 Part 1

Today is the day that Carter has been waiting his whole life for. We were going to see Lightning McQueen. Carter was so excited so he wore his Lightning McQueen shirt and Bryson wore his Transformers shirt. They were two very happy boys this morning.
I thought I would explain what Carter is holding here in the picture. Yes it is a Mickey Mouse but it's a special Mickey Mouse, a talking Mickey Mouse. I did a lot of research before our trip, so much I think I was on Disney over load, but I say planning is half the fun. Planning where to make our dinner reservations, what parks to do, where to go, then I came across this Mickey. It's called My Pal Mickey. I just had to have it, but I needed to make sure that we would really use it for the price. It’s a little pricey for a doll, but it's not just a doll I thought. He talks, that's right he talks and can tell you what park we are in and what the wait times are for rides. He will also tell you that the parade is getting ready to start or to go meet the characters for autographs and where they are. Pal Mickey tells jokes and plays games he has over 700 pre-recorded phrases he also vibrates to let you know he is getting ready to talk. Carter is a big Mickey Mouse fan probably because I made him watch countless hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to get him ready for Disney World. I just knew he would love it. I bought one on Ebay, wrapped it and Carter opened it up when Christmas came early at our house.

After entering the park we headed over to see Playhouse Disney. Bryson watched this in Disneyland and I thought Carter would love it also. They need to update the show. It was the same show we watched four years ago.
Afterwards we thought we would walk over and see Lightning McQueen. They were going to be out at 10am and I just knew there would be a huge line. On the way we saw that the Star Wars ride had a very short wait so we slipped on Carter's super shoes and off we went.After the ride Bryson asked Carter if he liked that ride and Carter said no. I took a picture of this tender moment. Moment over lets go find another big ride!!

To brighten Carter's sprit we walked towards Lightning McQueen’s area again. When all the sudden we spot the Power Rangers.
Their autograph time was actually over and they were headed back to where ever Power Rangers go. No loss on my part and the kids didn't mind so much either. They were too excited about Lightning McQueen. Then all the sudden we round the corner and who do we see?

Carter was in love, he just couldn't get enough of them. Thank goodness it was still early in the morning and the crowds were still low, because you don't really get much time with the cars. You are suppose to walk up to them get your picture taken and then out you go. The first time we went through I took pictures of Bryson
then Carter came through and I got a few pictures of him.

I then took a few pictures with both the boys.
After that the CM's(cast members) escorted us out. The boys ran around to get in line again so they could actually visit with the cars. Carter just couldn't keep his eyes of Lightning McQueen.

They continued to do this for about 10-15 minutes until Tow-Mater and Lightning McQueen had to go get gas. Carter was sad but we told him we would visit again another time.

Coming up: The kids shrink, and who do we almost lose?


sjt said...

Great photos! About time you update! :)

Lindsey said...

Emma really enjoyed looking at these ones! What are your plans for the summer?