Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 6 Part 2

December 26th Day 6 Part 2

Are you all wondering what child we lost? It all started at the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movie set. There is only one entrance and exit to the playground so we felt a little comfortable letting the boys run around. They found a huge ant, that they just had to ride

They also found a spiderweb to crawl through
We followed them around taking lots of pictures when Bryson decides to go off on his own. We stayed behind with Carter while he was going down a slide made of Kodak film.

About 5 minutes goes by when all the sudden we hear on the intercom "Will Dawn or Joseph come to the entrance. Bryson is looking for you." Joe and I giggled and off he went to collect Bryson. This is the picture I snapped as they were walking back

I asked him if he got lost and he said "Yeah". I then told him "That’s why mommy and daddy always tell you to stay by us at all times so we can see you and you us." After that incident we left the movie set. Bryson was a little down on himself for the next few minutes but you can't stay sad at Disney World for too long.
It was around noon by now and time to eat some lunch. We stopped at the Backlot Express Restaurant to re-charge

We then watched the Beauty and the Beast show.

Joe has never seen the movie Beauty and the Beast and he said afterwards he would never need to again. Not that the show was bad it was really good, so good it was just like the movie therefore never needing to see it again.

Sorry to cut this segment short. On the next part there is something exciting going to happen. We run into a Dream Team member, remember we are visiting Disney during their Year of a Million Dreams. If you are not familiar with THE YEAR OF A MILLION DREAMS here is a brief glance.

[The "Year of a Million Dreams" is Disney's latest promotion. The year long celebration began on October 1, 2006 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disneyland Resort in California.
Disney Cast Members will be awarding a million dreams to randomly chosen guests as part of this new "Disney Dreams Giveaway" promotion. Many of these dreams are priceless experiences.]

Stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Poor Bryson for getting lost. What a smart boy to go to the front and tell them that he is lost! Just melts my heart! SJT

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! Emma would love it:) Oh, that Bryson!
How many days were you there again? We are trying to decide what age would be good for emma.