Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day! Video at the bottom.

We had a very fun and busy day today, but to prepare for the day I need to rewind and tell you about yesterday. Bryson had to write out all his valentines for his class. His class was only having this one party for the whole year so it had to be a good one. After he finished all the valentine's for the kids I told him he needed to pick one out for his teachers. He picked out a big nice transformer for his main teacher Ms. Anderson and then for Mrs. Tuttle the assistant he picked a very small, tiny helicopter transformer. When he picked it out he said "I picked this little one out for Mrs. Tuttle because she moves my bird a lot." If you remember from me explaining his bird here, its to chart his behavior throughout the day. I thought it was pretty funny. I made brownies and brownie/cookie bars for the party today. I then prepared all Carters invitations.

Today I woke up early jumped in the shower then I made a hash brown casserole for Joe's valentine party he had at his office today. Bryson was off to school by 8 and then Carter and I had a coffee/playdate that we have every Thursday. He passed out some of his valentines and then at 11 we came home ate lunch and laid Carter down for his nap. When he got up we collected all Bryson's valentine's and headed to his school for his party.

His teachers had a couple activities for the class to do. They made a monkeyand played bingo.I love when the are sweet to each other.

While the class was doing this, Carter kept himself entertained with blocks. The blocks and Carter match. After their activities the kids snacked on all their goodies.
Bryson with his table
and Carter with the sibling table.
Bryson then passed out all his valentines. I didn't get a picture of him doing this because I was helping him distribute his valentines, but I had bought little boxes and we filled them up with candy and toys. Though I didn't get a picture of him with the little boxes I got a picture of Carter passing out his boxes. They were the same so I ended up making 30 of these valentine boxes.

Some of you have been wondering just how big Carter has gotten. I thought I would show you some pictures of him and his friends to show you the height difference.
This is Abigail and Carter they both turn 3 in May. Lincoln and Carter: Lincoln is 3 months olderCarter and Kaila, she is a month older than Carter. Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes?

I had given Carter his valentine gift to him a bit earlier in the day and forgot to take a picture but he got a big fire truck from the movie "Cars". Go figure huh? After passing out all Carters valentines we came home and Bryson got his gift. It was a skateboard. He was so excited.

A video for you: Carter then does what Carter does best and steals Bryson's skateboard. Press Play ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I saved the pic of Bryson & Carter hugging eachother @ Bryson's class. The video of C stealing B's skateboard is hilarious! Hope yall had a good v-day. Ryan took me to Vegas. We watched Mystere saturday night that was my gift. We had a really good time! We just got back about 2 hours ago and I check your page.. I"m so sweet.
G'night. SJT