Monday, February 25, 2008

I don't like that!

Back in November Carter had his first dentist appointment. The appointment went well considering Carter doesn't sit still for anything. He sat in the big chair for oh about 30 seconds and then I held him in my lap with his head on the doctors lap. He was whimpering by the end of the appointment. I felt really bad for him and am happy that his next appointment wasn't for 6 months, though technically now it just around the corner in May. Wish us luck then.

Here is Carter hanging out in the cabinets before the doc came in. Every doctors worse nightmare patient.

Carter not doing so well. He wasn't crying but he had tears coming from his eyes.

All done.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn that is the cutest picture of you and Carter!! Mom and son :)

Anonymous said...


You have my sympathies with the dentist. Dominic is very uncooperative. I think for his age, Carter was very brave.