Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas came early!!

Christmas has come and gone in the Hudson household. The kids opened all their presents last night. They had so much fun and love all their gifts.

They would each have one present in front of them and then they would say "ready set go" and open it. They did that over and over until all the presents were opened.

Bryson got lots of Transformers and Carter of course got lots of Car items. We thought opening up the presents now would give the kids and opportunity to play and enjoy their toys before we leave for our trip. Then when we get back it will be like Christmas all over again. Joseph and I really didn't want to drag all their presents to the hotel because they wouldn't have much time to play with them anyway. Plus the hassle of taking everything down there and bringing it back. I think we made a great choice because today is Bryson's first day of Christmas break and he and Carter have been busy playing all day. I have had a chance to pack some and even blog to you guys. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Here are some photos of the boys, click on the pics to make them larger. Happy Holidays!

Right before the fun began!

Carter and his Mack/Lightning McQueen present

Bryson and one of his many Transformer prsents.

Carter so excited getting a Disney Cars car.

Bryson and another Transformer!

Joe and the boys.

Being Silly

The boys and I, and you can see my hair cut.


Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

Your hair looks great! I miss all of you so much, and the boys are growing so fast!!!! Have fun on vacation!

Lindsey said...

Your hair looks good:) Carter has really gotten big! I can't believe how fast time flies. When do you leave for Disneyland? Have a great time. I miss you.