Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bryson's First Day of Kindergarten

Some of you have seen the pictures already but i thought i would add them to this blog. I am trying to get things rolling so here we go.

Bryson had a great first day of Kindergarten. He did not get in trouble all day and received a high flyer. It is a piece of paper that just states his bird stayed in the sky all day.
His bird starts in the sky, when he gets in trouble it moves to the tree, when he gets in trouble again it moves to the trunk of the tree, after that it moves to the grass and finally it moves to the belly of a cat. Once it becomes a dead bird in the belly of the cat we will receive a call home. Like i said the first day he was a high flyer but every day since we have been on the tree. We keep our fingers crossed everyday and tell him the benefits of being a high flyer but no such luck yet. His second day of school this past Monday Joe asked him why his bird was on the tree. His response was "well dad that is what happens when you get in trouble!" I will keep you posted on other answers or high flyer days.

His teachers name is Ms. Anderson and her assistant is Ms. Tuddle.

Here he is sitting at his desk, which he does not sit at anymore. The teacher moves them around to find the best fit. The little blond boy on the left is his best friend Nathan. Nathan will move to Georgia on the 10th of September. Bryson will be so sad.

Carter has done very well with his brother being gone. I think he rather likes it. No big brother to beat on him, no one to fight for attention from mom. We play games work on colors and take walks.

I hope you have enjoyed. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

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