Thursday, October 29, 2009

Silly Boy

We were at the clinic yesterday to get flu shots. I do not plan on giving the kids the H1N1 shot so I figured I had better at least give them their flu shots. At 4 this was Carter's first flu shot, thankfully my kids are very healthy and never get sick so its just one of those things I don't make them get. Back to the story..

We were at the clinic waiting and Carter places his hand on Chase's head and says "Chase this is your forehead." He then looks at me all seriously and asks "Mom, where is our three-head?" I thought it was so funny.

Later on that day when it was time to get ready for preschool I grabbed his (flu-shot) arm and he screams "You've broken my arm!" In a very southern drawn out yell. I couldn't stop laughing. Apparently his arm was a little sore from the shot.

Everyone is doing well after the shots and little Chaser's at six months finally got his four month shots. I know dead-beat mom. You can go back and read here why he is off schedule.

That's it folks!

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