Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall in Okinawa

We have now been on the island for 2 1/2 months. In that time we have had three possible typhoons that could have been disastrous had they not of changed their course and missed us. Only bringing lots of wind and rain. Being inside and looking out the weather can be quite fooling.

Last year we were living in North Carolina and a day like that would have been a cold, wet, windy, miserable day. Here in Okinawa its just wet and windy and still very, very, very HOT, with a shit load of HUMIDITY. But if you turn down the thermostat really low, grab yourself a Vanilla Latte (they don't have pumpkin spice here), a pumpkin cookie (courtesy of my friend Leann), some old pine cones from NC, and just look out the window, you can almost trick yourself into believing its really cold outside.

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Anonymous said...

lol! your crazy.


glad they missed yall!