Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How long do spiders live?

I have my very own Charlotte. My little spider friend has lived in my side view mirror for going on 6 weeks now. There have been several occasions where I thought I have lost him. Sometimes when I am driving he likes to hold on to his web and then he spins very fast in circles while I am driving. Once I come to a stoplight/sign he will crawl back behind the mirror.

One time I really thought he flew off his web and I called Joe and said "I think I have lost him." Is it strange that he knew exactly who I was talking about? His reply was "Are you seriously calling to tell me that!" The kicker is Joe called me the next day and said "You didn't lose him, he is still there." I see him everyday and will be sad when he is no longer around.


Diana said...

Hahaha, we also had a spider who chosed our mirror as his new home and it's been there the whole summer. So like 12 weeks. Unless it was a new one.

Anonymous said...


That's so funny!!!!!

Great post!


Anonymous said...

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