Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old Friends

We went out to eat and then to American Village Friday night with some old friends.  In high school I ran cross country with Leann and Ramon.  They were the cutest little couple then and they still are.  They have two children.  Allissa is nine and absolutely adorable, and Anthony is six and all boy like Bryson and Carter.

The funny thing is, about a week after we arrived here I received an email from Leann.  The subject said Okinawa.  She asked me if I happened to be on the island because she could have swore she saw me walking while she was driving away.  I replied yes of course and then my next thought was, I can't believe she didn't pick me and the kids up.  She let us walk in the hot, humid heat.  

Actually that wasn't my next thought, I didn't think of it until weeks later.  Though honestly when you are in the military how often is it that you think you are going to see someone you know, on and island, in Japan.  I would have driven right past me also and not even had sent me an email.  That's borderline crazy status isn't it?

I am so thankful she did as our kids get along great, actually poor Allissa just puts up with all the boys.  Leann is just as much fun to hang out with as she was years ago and Ramon is just the same, quite and willing to do anything Leann asks.  They are a great couple, and we are blessed to have them here.


Lindsey said...

That is nice to have a friendly face over there! Tell them I said hello.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Hi LeAnn Hi Ramon. They look so happy still. Can you post pixs of their kids?