Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Carter is something else.

So, Carter watches TV in my room everyday. Not a lot but he no longer takes naps so he has to rest for a little while. He usually is pretty good back there. I don't hear much from him and if I do he usually runs out to tell me he loves me and then runs back into bed.

Last night I went to bed rather late, late for me which so happen to be 11pm. I was up watching a great lifetime show and even though it would replay this morning I just had to watch it last night. Back to going to bed...I walked into my room and spot a bottle of KY on the floor in between my bed and my nightstand. I pick it up and the top is popped and the bottle is empty.

I have no idea where the contents are. I can only imagine what fun he had squeezing the bottle and letting the liquid shoot out like water from a water gun.

Now that I think about it I haven't looked on the ceiling.


Steven Montoya said...

Nice...you are teaching him early! It's important:)...so did you ask him? or is that something better left unsaid!

Anonymous said...

I was like what's a bottle of KY? Then I figured it out. Anyway, I hope he didn't eat it?

GUess who comes home today!!?? I thought about you 7:42pm so 9:42pm your time. I wasn't sure if you were asleep or the boys so I didn't call. I was going to call you this morning but I left my phone at home!!!!!!!! GOSH!!! I'm going to look again in my purse to make sure I left it. But I really wanted to call you this morning. I hope yall have a great day! Welcome back Joe!