Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boy have we been busy!

Joe has been home now for 8 days and we have been in and out of the house all week. Sorry I have not been able to update much it just takes time and we don't have a lot of time with Joe before he heads off to war.

I have a lot to post about so it may take awhile to update. I did want to share with you all us putting up the tree. We waited to put it up until Joe was home so that he could help. Though wouldn't you know we forgot to put the angel on the tree and always seem to remember once the boys are in bed. So she is sitting on the end table right next to the tree watching over it. I guess we might as well wait until Christmas eve now. Drink some hot chocolate, put the angel on the tree and open up their Christmas eve gift.

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Anonymous said...

Oh ya. You gotta have hot chocolate while putting up the angel. I got my lasik done!! I did it! It's awesome!!

talk to you soon.