Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A day with his boys....all three of them!

On Sunday Joe and the boys had a full daddy day.

The got up that morning and took a drive to pick me up some Starbucks and then on to McDonald's to pick up the boys breakfast.

He then took Carter to the commissary with him. For some reason Carter loves going to the commissary with daddy. I think it's because Joe lets him buy junk food I usually wouldn't, daddy's are so special. Bryson stayed home with me and played the Wii. He is addicted to Mario Kart.

Once Joe and Carter got back they all ate lunch and then off they went to golf. They played nine holes and took turns driving the cart. Bryson has a natural talent when it comes to golfing and Carter does not. He hits the ball more like a hockey puck. Bryson at that age could already hit the ball pretty far so I will have to work with Carter.

After golfing they went outside to ride bikes and scooters and then Joe took them to dinner. Carter wanted to go to the Mockey-Moley(Guacamole) place. It's a Mexican restaurant called Mi Casitas and Carter loves the guacamole there. He just can't get enough of it.

When they got home their day was over and they took a man shower and headed off to bed. I think they all had a great day!

Once the boys were in bed Joe sat down beside me and I placed his hand on my belly. His little son was quite active and Joe was able to feel his boy move for the first time. It was a special day here in the Hudson household.

***What was I doing this whole time you ask?? Absolutely Nothing!!!***


johnandvic said...

Oh sounds like the boys a fun.... Oh and my boys got Mario Kart too and they LOVE to play all the time.. Its a cool game that I have been playing it as well... When does Joe have to head back?? We decided to stay here in Ga instead of going to SC..

johnandvic said...

any names yet for boy number 3????

Dawn Hudson said...

He leaves on the first. Less than 48 hours away.

Anonymous said...

good for you for doing nothing.

Glad the boys had fun!!

Mokey Mole



Be safe! Hurry back. Nice seeing you on the internet for Christmas.



Anonymous said...

Thank u :) check out this emo boy one on this blog: