Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We drove up to Virginia to visit my old college buddy Mandy and her three boys. Boy was it crazy to have 5 boys in one house hold. *note to self...stop at three* Anyways the boys had so much fun together. The two three year olds liked to pester each other every once in awhile but other than that all was good. They behaved pretty well for going to bed so late each night and waking up so early each morning.

I had so much to be thankful for this year that we had two Thanksgivings. One with ham on the 27th and then one with fried turkey on the 28th. Actually the truth is that I screwed up!!

I brought the turkey fryer up from home and when it was time to get the oil going I realized I had forgot the most important thing. Well, everything in frying a turkey is important but I had forgot the thermometer. How am I suppose to fry a turkey when I can't tell how hot the oil is? Mandy had two friends over for thanksgiving as well and they took off to go get one from the girls house. They come back and the thermometer only goes up to 190. Well, that won't work!! We search the neighborhood with no such luck. Then the girls take off to Walmart to find one. About an hour later they come back with a thermometer that goes up to 350. I put it in the oil and the oil was so hot that it popped the top right off the thermometer and it drops down into the oil. Broken!!

I was so mad at myself. Thankfully the girls had brought over a ham so we had Thanksgiving with the ham, and all was well. The next morning I braved the crowds in search of a thermometer that would work and found one at a cooking store at the outlets where I waited 40 minutes for a parking space. I was determined to have a fried turkey. I found one and later that day I fried up my first turkey. Our family has been frying turkeys for as long as I can remember. I can't even remember ever not having a fried turkey. Okay one year my mother baked a duck and I can remember not eating much that year, but other than that all fried turkeys.

Even though we have been frying for so long I have never been in charge of the controls and actually standing out there babysitting the turkey. I did a great job and it turned out wonderfully. It was so good that I can barely wait until Christmas.

Mandy and I with the fried turkey.

Before we had our second Thanksgiving on Friday we did go out to the beach and tour a lighthouse. All the boys had so much fun and on our way back to the car Dathan (Mandy's 6 year old son) screams out that he has been pinched by a crab. After all was calm it was pretty funny.

Dathan, Bryson, Carter, and Chance

Bryson and Dathan playing football on the beach. One of the many falls they had.

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Anonymous said...

Mom did you buy that skeleton shirt for Bryson or did he pick it out and dad bought it for him??

Awesome lighthouse! Glad the turkey turned out so wonderfully!