Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

Update: I was informed it has been 8 years and not 7. Sorry I can not count!

I am sorry you were not here to celebrate with us. It isn't the first time and I am sure it won't be the last, but it is a little sad that you weren't able to celebrate your 30th with family and friends.

It has been wonderful to celebrate the last 7 birthdays with you, and boy has a lot changed in that amount of time. We have grown so much and learned so much about each other. I can only imagine what 50 more will bring us. I have so much to thank you for. I can see two sitting right in front of me and the newest one kicking in my belly. I can't believe that we will miss half of this year with you, what a big milestone we are missing. You will be missing my milestone as well. Maybe next year we can turn 30 again??

I wish you would have been here today.

We had breakfast with Santa and then I dropped the kids off so I could do some Christmas shopping. If you would have been here I am sure we would have found other fun things to do, but this is the military life huh?

I love you


Anonymous said...

Gosh you made me cry...


Happy Birthday Joe. I called Dawn on your birthday. Just so you know. :)

Lindsey said...

Happy Belated Birthday Joe.

johnandvic said...

Happy Belated Birthday Joe..

Stacey said...

Happy belated birthday!