Sunday, June 29, 2008

What we have been up to the past few days...

Spiderman is known as Spiderman around here but he is also known as Higherman.

Bryson asked us were chicken came from. I knew the question would eventually come and I had to chuckle when he finally asked.

We also have plum trees here on base. I have driven by them everyday and never even noticed that they were plum trees. I have even walked by them before and never realized either. Everything changed this past Thursday. Cami(She is my friend and the proud mother to Reagan, Kaila and Canon. I have written about her kids in previous posts.) and I walked to the pool. On the way there I noticed a plum on the ground and a few squashed ones. I looked up and realized all these pretty purple trees were in fact plum trees. I show Cami and we decided on the way back we would pick some. After swimming lessons and then some swimming we headed back home. We stopped by the trees, which so happen to line the whole street, and picked the plums. We picked, what felt like, hundreds. The kids were getting really tired and hot so after picking off of about 15 trees we figured we had enough.

These are just some of the plums. I had already thrown out all the split and bruised plums and Cami had her own cooler filled.


johnandvic said...

Huh! I never noticed them either.. Where on base did you find these?

johnandvic said...

oh.. I lived there for 10 years