Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Do you work for the Newspaper.....

....or is that just a really fancy camera?"

This is what I was asked today while I was at the pool. I felt pretty darn special after that. I think I might look pretty professional huh? I decided to take the boys down there for their first swim of the season. We have been swimming at our house pool but this was the first public pool of the season. Our other good friends are moving to Korea. They leave tomorrow so I had to go take some great photos and boy did they turn out great. I will post a few of my newest shots.

These are the pictures I took on day 1. You can click on any picture to make it larger.

Here are some pictures of Day 2 at the park with Kate and Carter. Kate and her family move to D.C. in less that 2 weeks. Carter is really going to miss his Kate. Joe is really going to miss his bud Kirk and I am going to miss my coffee partner. The next time we see them little Luke won't be a baby anymore.

Are good friends the Parker's are moving to Korea tomorrow. Their son Brayden was on our tee-ball team. The oldest son's name is Mitchel Bryson so they call him Bryson. It's fun hanging out with them because her Bryson is older and my Bryson is younger we call them big and little Bryson. We are going to miss them terribly and hope to see them again soon.


johnandvic said...

Is Kim and the whole family going to Korea? Love the pics of the boys by the hydrangeas.. Thoses are one of my fav flowers they are so pretty.. Are the flowers by your house? I don't remember them? It sounds like everyone is moving? Has Joe heard anything yet?

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos! I like the one with Kate in the swing, and the 3 boys laying down in the grass. Actually you have quite a few good ones! The camera makes all the difference. Maybe you can start taking photos for the local paper? It might be a lot of work though- however you'll probably get into the events for free!! :) Sorry about all your friends moving. That sucks! Ryan and I aren't having the garage sale this weekend. I'm working everyday so I still haven't priced things yet! Plus I want to set it up the night before in Ryan's garage and I"m not working all day friday then trying to set up for a garage sale the following morning! So next week I have thursday and friday off to prep for this garage sale! It's a better plan!!

Have a great day! I can't believe how fast this work week went!
But I'm thankful!

Anonymous said...

I also love the boys wearing their blue shirts with the blue hydraneas. Nice touch Mom. I also love the last picture of Carter! I like the picture of Bryson touching his nose and Carter leaning towards him!!


Anonymous said...

Hey You.

The camera is a keeper. You sure have a eye for the background and set up.. You did a good job on all. You have a handsome family. Wait, I didn't see you???? Have you learned how to set it up on time delay??? Miss you guys.. Please give my love to all and take care..