Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Day of School and First Day of Summer

Yesterday was Bryson's last day of school.

Bryson had a great last day of school....he slept in till 8! That's right our doorbell rang at 8am and we all jumped out of bed. That was Bryson's first time being tardy. Best to go out with a bang huh? I didn't even know what slips to fill out at the school.

Bryson was also a high flyer today!
Something that has been quite hard the past few months. Our little guy loves to talk to other kids. Carter and I went up to Bryson's school to play some board games. We also took his teachers their end of the year gifts. They loved them. When I went out shopping Bryson gave me specific requests, to pick out a candle, lotion(so they would smell nice), and a flower. I didn't get the flower..I did even better, I bought a whole plant. Bryson loved the gifts as did his teacher and the teacher's aid.

Ms. Anderson his Teacher

Mrs. Tuttle the Aid

This is Mr. Morris and he was a good friend of ours.

This is Dr. Bob the principal.

This is Anthony. He's Bryson's partner in crime.

Today was the first day of summer. We had a great day and spent a good part of it at the pool. No pictures though I left my camera safely at home.


johnandvic said...

Wow I can't believe how big Anthony has gotten..And they are still at Pope??? Is Ryan still there his mom was on the PTO?? How many kids were in Bryson's class after everyone PSCed?

Dawn Hudson said...

Ryan and his family are in England. They moved I believe in Feb. I am not sure how many original kids finshed out the school year. Anthony and his family are moving to Cali in a few months.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures Dawn, of Bryson. He had so much fun. thanks for putting up the one of me, Drew and the boys...I am on a diet as we speak...I look like the yellow whale.
I love you, MOM