Friday, June 20, 2008

I am the mother of Batman and Leonardo.

Carter has been hilarious lately. He says the word Actually about 50 times a day.

Mom: Carter go get your flip flops on.
Carter: Actually I want to wear my blue shoes.

Mom: Carter do you want turkey and cheese for lunch?
Carter: Actually I want shells mac and cheese.

Mom: Carter it's time for your nap.
Carter: Actually I want to go jump on the trampoline.

The list goes on and on. He even says Actually just to say it I think.

Mom: Do you want to go to Walmart?
Carter: Actually yes, Actually no, Actually I want to go to Target.

See how easy it is for him to reach 50 times in a day. To funny that Kid!!

Bryson is loving the bible school and I ACTUALLY wish it was longer than the week. Yesterday they learned about the 10 Lepers. He told me that the men were really sick and that they had leprosy. He actually remember the word leprosy. And that God made them well again and that we should always tell people thank you. I wish he would remember to tell me thank you everyday.

This week has been really busy. Bryson's bible school starts at 9 and then I pick him up at 9:50 and take him to swim lessons at 10. Right after swim lesson I take him back over to the bible school at 11 and then he is done with school about 12:45. I know he really likes this school because he doesn't fight with me when we have to leave the pool at 11, unlike his friend Reagan who stays after lessons to swim. Next week we will stay after lessons and swim like Reagan and Bryson is happy about that as is Carter.

Unlike the first day of lessons Carter is really liking his class now. He must have just been nervous with the teacher. They also went down the slide today in class and that was a lot of fun for them.

Carter and Kaila

Yesterday after swim lessons we went to a picnic the base was having. It was very nice that it was just the people living on Pope AFB and not all of Fort Bragg.
It's hard to see but Bryson is actually in the air.

It can get very frustrating attending some of Fort Bragg's events because Fort Bragg has 50,000 troops and their family members so events are never small. Yesterday it was nice, the boys got their faces painted with no lines. The played on the jumpy castles and slides with no lines, and we ate lunch...there were NO LINES!


johnandvic said...

I actually like the pics of them :) Hey its Colby's fav word word too..... You STILl haven't told me what kinda camera you have.. It takes nice clear pics...Hey have you checked out the wild adventures website yet? We went I I know you all would like it.. It' NOT crowded....

johnandvic said...

Are you like the last ones still at Pope? :)