Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am having an affair....

with my camera. I love it and I have a hard time going anywhere without it.

I saw these pretty lilies on the way to walmart and decided this would be the perfect spot to pull on the side of the interstate to get a wonderful picture.

We only had one car stop and ask if we needed any help. "Nope, I said just taking pictures!" These pictures didn't come out as good as I had hoped. The reason being it was very foggy that morning at 8am. I had to keep wiping the condensation of the lens. I am going to try again another morning.

I broke down and took the camera to the pool yesterday. I had so much fun taking pictures of the boys and their friends.

These are my sunflowers in my backyard. They just opened their pretty little faces on Thursday.

I love the blur on Bryson and Kate in the back ground. It has taken a bit of practice to get the blur just the way I like it and I still can't do it every time. If practice makes perfect I should be there any day now.

What a cutie!

Kate and her family came over again today to swim. They are moving tomorrow and Carter will forever be changed and heart broken. He really does love Kate and will miss her dearly.

Their last kiss for now.

He leaves her wanting more. Typical man already huh?


johnandvic said...

What kinda camera is it.. They are great pics....

Steven Montoya said...

What great pictures! I like the one of Carter kissing the girl!


Anonymous said...

What are you doing posting x-rated photos????