Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Send Carter a few prayers and wish him luck. Tomorrow he will have his adenoids and tonsils removed and then he will have tubes put into his ears. This is a big surgery for our little two year old but we have great doctor. Dr Doolittle is the one that removed Bryson's adenoids and tonsils last year.

This is a picture right before they gave him something to make him a little more relaxed.

Here he is singing after receiving the very drowsy, giggly medicine.

Poor Bryson, here he is waking up from the anesthesia and not enjoying life.

We took Carter to Chuck E Chesse yesterday. He had been asking to go for two weeks straight. Serioulsy he asks to go there about 8 times a day. It could be on the upwards of 20 to 30 depending if he gets in one of those moods where he will ask over and over as in...I want to go to Chuck E Cheese, I want to go to Chuck E Chesse, I want to go to Chuck E Chesse. Do you see what I mean, and I say the same thing over and over...this weekend, this weekend, this weekend. So, yesterday we made his dream come true and took him after Bryson's baseball game. Which is a whole other story in it's self. I will have to get to that a little later. Anyway, Carter has not asked to go to Chuck E Cheese all day today. Yippie!!

Here are a few pictures from, as Bryson says, Where a kid can be a kid!

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johnandvic said...

Hope everything goes well.. Let us know how he is doing tomorrow.