Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to me....

You guessed is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!! I am getting old and I only have 364 more days until I am 30. Holy Cow!! That's not to far away. So, to those of you that called me, sent me something, or just thought about me today thanks.

I did have a wonderful lunch today...let me tell you about it and I will start from the beginning. Joe once again was being a wonderful husband and brought me Starbucks in bed and Carter still not feeling to well was watching cartoons with me. Joe and I finally around 11 decided to get up and go to Olive Garden. We get dressed and are off. We get to the OG and there is about a 25 minute wait. I stay with Carter in the car while he is watching a movie and Joe waits. Finally its our turn and we head to our table. After a couple bowls of salad and quite a few bread sticks we start to wonder where are food is. We look around and notice that two other tables that sat down after us have their food and we are still without. I am actually still pretty calm, which for me is amazing. If anyone has ever had the opportunity to dine with me should know that was amazing in itself. I am probably a waitresses worse nightmare. Not really...I just feel that if we are paying good money to eat in your establishment than we should get good service. Alright, back to the story.

Our waitress just so happened to be walking by at that exact moment and I asked very nicely "Do you know when our food will be out?". Mind you we had been there an hour by this point. She said "Let me go check but sometimes different plates take longer than others." I then told her to go ahead and box it up we were ready to go. A few minutes later a manager came by and she said "still no food?" I said "Nope not yet." Then I threw in the magic words..."This is my birthday lunch." BINGO!! She told us she would be right back. After another long 10 minutes our waitress and the manager comes back with our boxed up lunches, a celebration cake, a gift card for 30 dollars and she took care of the bill. Wow, what a great surprise. I was just expecting her to take off my meal. The cake was also pretty big, it's wasn't just a slice it was a whole cake.
Have I mentioned how much I love the Olive Garden. Thank goodness I didn't loose my cool.

After the OG we made our way to the Mickey Mouse store. I had to do something special for my special boy. We bought him some super cool PJ's and Joe even picked out a cute shirt. Nothing for Bryson, we couldn't find anything that we knew he would love. They did have an awesome Pirates of the Caribbean swimsuit but I knew it would fall right off his waist. He is just too skinny.

Once we got back home I sat outside with my friends had we had a little gossip session and the little kids played in the water while the big kids rode bikes. After eating our wonderful boxed up lunches for dinner my family sang happy birthday to me and I blew out my candles.

I had a good birthday and like my brother Jimmy said "Its the last one in your twenties." I think it went something like that.


johnandvic said...

Wow!! Olive Garden was good to you!! You all sure do know how to get free meals:) Well Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was pretty good and also enjoy you last time being in your 20's :) 30's are just as fun!!!! You mean to tell me I'm 4 years older then you! :)

Anonymous said...

That is no surprise!! But you deserve it:) Glad to hear you had a good day


Dawn Hudson said... wish you had mad skills like me!! You know if we ever hung out long enough they would rub off I promise. All my friends benefit. Come on...come hang out with me!!