Friday, April 11, 2008

Our trip to New Mexico Part 1

Playing with uncle George

Uncle George brought presents.

Poppy and Bryson

Gigi and Carter

Mimi and the boys

Papa gives the boys a bubble bath.

Pop Pop and the boys.

Running Races.

Poppy and Bryson

Poppy and Carter

Playing with uncle George.

These were some of the pictures from the first 2 days.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I haven't seen GiGi and Poppy in such a long time. They were always such a happy and positive couple-they seem like they still are:) It is great that they were able to see the boys.

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Future Mom said...

Great blog - the pics of your family are very nice...I saw your comment on New Mommy Rant about the mommy cards...I do have paypal!

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