Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to....

My one week old seedlings. I have broccoli, red cabbage, sun flowers 3 different varities, bell peppers, jalapeno pepper, serrano chili pepper, cayenne peppers, cucumbers, beans, sugar snap peas, gourd mix, birdhouse gourds, watermelons, vine tomato plant, grape size tomato plant and strawberries.

I have high hopes for my garden. Last year my garden was the talk of the block. I have a lot to live up to, or my seeds do.

I hope my garden this year is just as big or better than last years. But like I said I hope they know what they are in for. Here are pictures from my garden last summer.


johnandvic said...

Good luck with your garden this year!! Oh, don't forget to label your plants this year so you know what is what! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed-i had to no idea you had become such the Susie Homemaker:) I have been getting my soil ready for the past month-I'm trying!