Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opening Season for T-Ball

Yesterday was the opening season for T-ball, actually for the whole league of Spring Lake. It's their annual Spring Fling. We had opening ceremonies, along with music, hot dogs and hamburgers, rides, and more baseball games playing then on T.V. The newspaper article that came out in today's paper put it best. If you would have taken a box of crayons and dumped it out that is how it looked on the main field yesterday at 9am. Their were shades of every color out on that field. Bryson and Joe were also interviewed so this morning Joe bought a paper and guess what.....they made the cut.

They were the only "none important" people mentioned in the opening season baseball section. Their were two other baseball opening season days going on in Fayetteville. We are Spring Lake, then there is Hope Mills, and finally West Fayetteville. The other people listed in the article were mayors from the other areas. This is the first time we have made the Fayetteville paper.

I also wanted to share with you how Joe will look if he ever goes bald.

Some of our good friends thinks he looks like the guy off the movie Sling Blade. I think he looks pretty funny and thought you all would get a kick out of it also.

Here is a picture of Joe's old bosses kids, Garrett and Bailey. We talked them into joining Spring Lake's baseball league instead of Fort Bragg's.

This gives you an idea of all the teams.
This is our sponsor this year. U 1st Financial

The start of our very first game of the season.
Since I am helping Joe coach I really didn't get to take very many pictures during the game. I also didn't get to record much either. I am very sad to say that I missed recording Bryson hit a triple. I barely witnessed it at all, I saw him running to second and third. I will have to do better at helping coach, recording and taking pictures, and keeping an eye on Carter. Because we all know how Carter likes to keep you on your toes at all times.

Here are the boys after the game playing on some of the festivities. Carter is wearing Bryson's old uniform from last year. He loves it and must wear his baseball clothes when ever Bryson is wearing his. I need to get him his own shirt with his name on the back.


johnandvic said...

Cool!! Wish we were still there!! I would have liked to have gotten on your team!

Dawn Hudson said...

Did you sign up Nathan for T-Ball there?

johnandvic said...

Nope don't know where to even start!!!