Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dogwood Festival and once again another BIRTHDAY!

I will start off with the birthday. Today my grandfather(Poppy) turned 80. Though a few girls have said that he doens't look a day over 65. He still plays golf every week day and continues to make Gigi swoon. Every time we visit Gigi and Poppy he takes the boys on a golf cart ride and he even lets them drive. I learned how to drive the golf cart at a very young age as did my sister and brothers and now he is teaching my boys.

Yesterday was Fayetteville's Dogwood Festival. We went last year and had a blast so it was only fitting to attend again this year. Upon arriving we cought some belly dancers about to start their show so we decided to watch.
The boys actually paid attention and Carter giggled and said "I see their bellies."

After the show we walked over to the kid area and saw the sea lions and rode some rides.

After piddling around in the kid area we were getting hungry and walked to the food area, and as tempting it was to eat a funnel cake with chocolate we left. It was actually pretty hot outside so we thought going to a resturant would be a lot more fun.

Here is a video of Bryson and Carter going through the fun house. We had so much fun with the last fun house we went through we had to do it again.

And then here is the video from last year. At the very end Carter hits the glass hard.


johnandvic said...

Poor boys.. What kinda parents would do that to their kids and get a kick out of it!!! Just kidding!! That was FUNNY!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the new fun house video! Those flowers are gorgeous. I really loved the picture of me, bryson and carter on the stairwell at Mimi's house.

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing Mom and Dad had the boys there to show them the way out... HAHA