Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ouch....Carter does that hurt?

Carter took a spill yesterday. Joe had just taught Carter that morning how to put his hands in his pocket to keep them warm. Who would have known that this one little lesson would have a bad out come. Carter and I had just gone to Starbucks and picked up a coffee for Joe. We were walking to his office I holding the coffee and Carter with his hands warmly in his jacket, when the disaster happened. Carter tripped on his own shoe and fell flat on his face. We were on the side walk and i saw it happen. His hands were not free to brace the fall and his face hit the concrete hard. I feel bad for the little guy because when his face made contact his little feet even flew up in the air. It looks worse today because his skin that was scrapped off is now starting to scab over so it's a lot darker. Here is a picture of him shortly afterwards. You can click on it to make it larger.


johnandvic said...

OUCH!!!!!!!!! I know that had to hurt.. Poor guy!!!

SJT said...

Poor baby!