Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 6th and 7th Air Show

I want to start off by saying that if you click on the photo it makes it bigger.

This past weekend was the last air show for Pope Air Force base. Pope may have others but it will be known as Pope Army Air Field. Being that it was the last show they really went all out. I would list the names of the planes but some of you might not know what these planes looked like so i added the website to the air show if you would like to check it out. Here are a few pictures that i took that day. http://popebraggopenhouse.com/performers.html

The boys standing in front of an A-10

Bryson inside a C-130

This is a C-5

Carter inside the cockpit of a T-1

The wing walker

The Russian Jet

The Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds upside down

All 6 Thunderbirds

This was the closest shot i had both days. Saturday is the day we actually went down to the airfield and watched the show. On Sunday we would come outside when we heard the big jets. They were the F-18s the F-15s and the the F-16 Thunderbirds. This picture was taken outside our house and they flew by so fast that i almost didn't get the shot.
I didn't realize how many pictures i had added but i hope you have enjoyed them.


Anonymous said...


Great photos of the planes but especially of the boys! Thank you for sharing.

Aunt Helene

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!! Carter looks like he has a gap between his two front teeth. I had that too. Must be genetic.
The boys look great.