Monday, October 22, 2007

The luck we have had

Let me start off by saying its not good luck. We have a bit of bad luck with our vehicles. We took the Tahoe to have the tires rotated and get our North Carolina inspection sticker. They told us that having the tires rotated wouldn't be good that we needed two new front tires and the alignment fixed. They went ahead and changed the oil and did the inspection. I came back to pick up the car and they told me that the Tahoe had failed the inspection because our middle brake light is out. Can you believe that 30 dollars for them to tell me that we failed because of a brake light.

Once i got home i started calling around asking for prices for two new tires. I found a place and the following Monday Joe took the car in. He was the first one there that morning and it still took four hours to get done. Thank goodness he was off work for labor day. Later that afternoon he decided he wanted to get us Starbucks so off he went. He came back home with a bolt in the tire, and it was a big one.

The next day he went and took the car back to the tire place and it took another four hours for them to fix the tire. The tire ended up having to be replaced it couldn't be patched. Thank goodness i paid the extra 20 dollars for tire insurance. It covered having the tire replaced.

This brings us to the Rodeo.....which is now not working. Joe thought that the engine blew but we had our friend across the street Mike look at it and he thinks it might be something else. So, now we are back to the one vehicle again!!!

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