Monday, September 14, 2009

Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes

Bryson and Carter's room
The hallway upstairs.
Chase's Room
Our Room
The Living Room
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
And one more of the Kitchen.  I have a lot of work in the kitchen huh?
Living Room

Saturday was delivery day.  Joe had called last week and our stuff had just cleared customs so Joe was able to set up a delivery time and finally after 78 days we were reunited with our things.

The delivery was set up to arrive between 8am and 5pm.  They showed up 7:47 and were done unloading all the crates, unpacking the kitchen items, and setting up the bunk beds in less than 3 hours.  Holy Cow!  It would have taken the Americans all day to unload our things.  We had nine Japanese men and they reminded me of little worker ants.  Unlike in the states there was no smoke breaks every 15 minutes, there was no getting on their cells phones, there was no just standing around because they were tired or hot, and the biggest observations was, they weren't expecting us to give them food or beer for their work. 

Now if I could just keep working instead of stopping because I am tired and overwhelmed I think I might just get somewhere.


Lindsey said...

Ick! I would not want to be in your shoes right now! But I am happy for you that you have all your things

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I"m totally going to show Ryan these pictures when he gets home. I was telling him you were going to have the movers there and it was going to be a busy/stressful time. Ryan said, "No, all she has to do is point and tell the movers where to put it." I got so mad at him!! I said there are BOXES to be unloaded!! She's going to have to put an entire house togther its not just pointing.

I'll let you know what he says about these photos!!! Atleast you have 3 years there to get your house together right before your restationed. :)

I just got back from the dr about that you know what. You need to get yours checked. I"ll skype you today hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks to your strong recommendation we got the DVR today! We ordered it last night and the guy hooked it up this morning! I was vaccuming and when I finished I was able to rewind the tv! Then the phone rang and I could pause live tv. It's amazing. What's the difference between tivo and dvr??


Off to work soon. blah..

Let it Shine said...

Your family is so cute!

Anonymous said...

update! update and more updated needed.


Anonymous said...

I bet you thought it was X-MAS. You poog think. Surprise there was not a match to torch it all. Then you could say it was all put up (IN SMOKE). Bet everybody was happy when they could pass through the rooms.