Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Mom, what is that?"

This was the question Bryson asked me while I was setting up my new Magic Jack.  I will explain the Magic Jack in just a second.

I pulled a telephone out of a box and Bryson proceeded to ask me what it was.  How sad is it that my own 6 year old has never seen a regular phone in our household.  We have always had cell phones.  When he asked me that I just started laughing and told him that this was great blogging material.

On to the Magic Jack.  This is genius and so cheap.  You pay 39.95 for the first year.  And this includes the actual Magic Jack device and the first year of service and the year after is 19.95.  That's it for as many phone calls, for all the minutes you want, for any country.  How amazing!  I know of some people that don't even have a home line any more.  They buy the Magic Jack and use it as their home phone number.  What phone number?  You choose the area code you want and the prefix you want and then Magic Jack chooses the last four numbers.  As long as your computer is on you can make calls.  I believe, but don't quote me, that you can receive calls if your computer is off also but that it goes straight to voice mail.  I am so excited about this service.

And no I am not getting paid to tell you all about Magic Jack, I just like it that much.  Though I have only made one phone call so far.  It's to early to call any of my friends and family right now, but I was able to call my Gigi and Poppy because they get up so early.

If you are thinking about getting a home phone check this product out.  The great thing about it that you can even travel all over the world and just bring the little magic jack and a phone with you and you can hook it up to any computer.  GENIUS!

Oh and Joe just got off the phone and he says its pretty good for calling half a world away.


Steven Montoya said...

Very cool. I don't remember the last time I used a landline phone!

Anonymous said...

thats great your first phone call was to gigi and poppy.