Monday, May 4, 2009

Please tell me why.

Why do I continue to cut coupons?

Alright so I have done the coupon thing twice, actually let me rephrase that. I have cut coupons twice and have taken them to the store twice, and twice I have come home with said coupons.

Why do I continue? I am now sitting on a pocket full of coupons. Do these coupons make my butt look big?

Also I almost got ran over by an old man on a scooter at walmart. We both spotted an empty line at walmart. He gave me the evil eye and stepped on the gas. He rounded the corner on two wheels and squeaked by me.
I ducked my head in shame told Chase not to be disappointed and found an even better line and actually beat him out of Walmart. Eat that old man!!

On other news. Guess who's birthday it is tomorrow??? Our little Carter will be turning four tomorrow. I will post about his adventures tomorrow.

And last but not least, Chase is two weeks today.
I took him to his 2 week check up today at the clinic only to be told that its tomorrow. I told the lady that NO it was in fact today because I wouldn't have made the appointment on another child's birthday. It's their special day and they get to do what ever they want and I know in fact that he wouldn't want to spend it at the doctors office. I walked away pissed and Chase was carried out pissed also. If Mamma is mad then everyone is mad!!

Have a great Monday!


Valeri said...

You make me laugh. I used to be really good at couponing (?), but I just don't have the time or energy anymore.

I love that outfit Chase is wearing. Ryan has the same one. Children's Place? I got it at a garage sale when I was pregnant with Chloe. :)

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Carter! I hope you have a fun day today, can't wait to hear what you did:)
Tell your mom hi!

Erin said...

What is it with people on those scooters?! They are scary with those things! They are for mobility not running people over!