Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I walked into the hospital expecting another hard long labor and Carter you were anything but hard and long.

They started the pitocin at 6am and less than 6 hours later you were here. There were a few tense moments right before you were born where they lost your heart rate but once you were here you were healthy and perfect.

You are so special and so funny. I have never met a more funny kid than you. I laugh at least once everyday with you. From the way you walk, or the funny faces you make, and even the words that come out of your mouth. You are a character!

Your daddy and I wouldn't trade you for the world. And guess what....you are four now so that means you get to wipe your own butt! (This is something he has been saying for the past year. He would yell for me to wipe his butt and I told him he needed to do it and his answer was always..."I'm not four yet!")

Happy Birthday my Special Boy!!


johnandvic said...

Happy Birthday Carter!!!! 4 years old!!!!
Hey the butt wipeing thing... I know how you feel.. Okay Nathan is 6 years and he is STILL calling for us to wipe his butt... I tell him ALL th time that he is old enough and to practice!!! Anyway its a good thing that we still do it because we have friends that had their little boy wipe his but and clogged the toliet and cost them $500 for the carpet company to spray stuff down so it wouldn't meldew and then had to steam the carpet back down... oh by the way.... Colby is peeing on the potty!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! i will post more on the blog

Anonymous said...

That was a sweet write up!! Sorry I didn't get to call again this p.m. work was longer than I thought. Its now 931pm here and way late there.

Glad yall had a fun day!!

Next year will be even more special for our little cinco baby turning 5!!! 5/5 turning 5!!


Baseball Mom said...

Aww .. I have a cinco De Mayo baby, well teen, as well.

I had to giggle about the butt wiping and not four yet. :)

Happy belated birthday Carter!!

Baseball Mom said...

I also just realized not only are they both Cinco De Mayo babies. They also both wear 95 on their jersey. How funny is that? LOL.

How did he come about wearing that number? Mine is asked that all the time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know that Carter was to start wiping his butt on May 5th, I would have conned him into doing it earlier while I was there. LOL Happy birthday Carter, I have a gift that is coming a little later, because I am working on it. I love you!!!MIMI

Michelle said...

Happy 4th birthday to Carter!