Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Carter's rough day

Carter had a very rough day today. It started at Starbucks. He was goofing off on a chair and before I knew it he was screaming. I look down and he is in between two chairs with his neck bent back up against the wall. I pull him up hoping he hasn't broken his neck and ask him where he hurt himself. He is pointing to his mouth and saying he hurt his teeth. I make sure everything is alright and then I look at the windowsill where he fell down and I see two teeth marks in the wood. He hit his teeth so hard on that wood windowsill that it left and impression of his front two teeth. I am hoping his front teeth don't turn grey.

A few hours later Bryson was coming in the back door and sure enough Carter was standing behind the door. I am sure you can imagine what happened next. Bryson opened up the door and it swung in and the door knob hit Carter in the eye. It's nice and red and now I am hoping it doesn't turn blue.

Fast forward another hour and the boys put on their swimsuits to play with the slip in slide. Not five minutes later I hear Carter screaming. I run outside and he now has a busted top lip.

I am going back to Starbucks tomorrow, camera in hand to take a picture of the tooth marks so stay tuned for that, and a picture of Carter's eye if it turns blue.

POOR CARTER, I am sure he will be glad when this day is over.


Erica @ life's not a paragraph said...

Yikes! We've definitely had days that went about like that.

Meg, our daughter who will be two next month, has managed to get two black eyes on the same eye in the span of 3 weeks. Cate, the oldest, has never had a black eye! Meg seems to be right at the right height to bump into table corners and arms of chairs - and not enough fear to know to watch out!

About the websites - I'd used the first one when I was looking into things, but I've never gotten around to looking at the one about yard sales. It seems we've had very little time for anything (which I'm sure you understand all too well.)

By the way, if you wanted to contact me for any reason, my e-mail address is ericamcmillian(at)gmail(dot)com

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Poor Carter! :( I hope today was better!

Stacey said...

Bless his heart...that sounds awful!!! Keep us posted on the teeth...I hope they aren't damaged!!!

Keyona said...

Found your blog and wanted to say hello from one AF family to another. Hang in there girly!