Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guess what next month is?

I am officially having this baby next month. Now when someone asks when are you due I can proudly say next month with a smile on my face. The time is just flying buy and I am still trying to get the baby's room ready, but even more importantly still trying to find a name for this little boy.

His kicks and moves are a little painful at times. He is a strong little boy, I believe the placenta lies on the left of my belly as most of his movements are on the right side or lower left side. I want to say he is lying caddy corner in my belly. It's hard to remember where I felt Bryson and Carter so I am glad I am writing this down.

I still feel great and the boys love to remind me everyday that...well this is how they put it (while both laughing) "Mom, your belly sure is getting big." or "Mom, how much bigger is your belly going to get? This big?" (while holding their arms stretched out) I usually laugh with them and tell them probably!

I will take my comparison photo on the fifth so be watching for that.


Q. and La. said...

I just found your blog and I've enjoyed it! Looks like I'm a little after you!-La.

johnandvic said...

You look great for being prego!!!! So still no names.....I can think of some BUT you dont like any... I hope all is well and I bet you all are hoping for more snow :) Cant wait to hear about..

Wayne said...

great not me monday's 54 days to go.

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