Thursday, February 19, 2009

Funny Things

I have a quite a few posts I need to write about whats been going on around here but today Carter and Bryson both said something pretty funny.

I was in the bath tub and asked Carter to bring me my phone. With Joe being gone I never know when he is going to call.

Mom: Carter bring me my phone please.

Carter: ALRIGHT!!!

Mom: Put it right up there by the sink.

Carter: You better not get it wet.

Mom: I won't. I promise.

Carter: That would be a bad idea and you will get in big trouble if you get it wet.

Mom: Yes sir!

While driving to the book fair this evening a great song came on and Bryson starts dancing.

Bryson: Come on Carter dance. Mom you should see Carter.

Mom: I can't I am driving.

Bryson: He is doing this.

Mom: Good Job Carter.

Bryson: Carter you have some great moves!

I have many more things to share...Carter falls out of his bed and Bryson wins an award at school. I will try to get to it soon.

P.S. I ended up missing Joe's phone call because I didn't take my phone into the other bathroom where I was drying my hair. Dang it!!!


johnandvic said...

I know how you feel..... I feel like I have to have the phone straped to my hip... You never want to miss the call....I carry the phone with me everywhere :)

Manic Mom said...

I just found your blog & love it. Your boys are precious. Have a great weekend.