Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monster Truck Show

I took the boys to a monster truck show last night and they had a blast. We got to the stadium at about 5:30 and the boys were in bed by 11. It was a very long night for us.

They were offering monster truck rides at 8 dollars a pop so I sat back and let the boys ride by themselves. They had so much fun they wanted to do it again, but at that price and the long line I told them NO WAY!

Me and my very pregnant belly pushed a guy out of the way to catch a t-shirt. They were throwing them out and him and I went head to head to get this shirt. We both jumped up and reached for it and it hit our finger tips. It dropped a few stairs down and I pushed him out of the way to run down the stairs to grab it. Once I got the shirt and started walking up the stairs back to my seat I though "Dawn, what in the hell were you thinking? You are 8 months pregnant." I think it's just the competitive person that I am. I sometimes do without thinking. Bryson and Carter were so proud of me and the guy was a little embarrassed he got schooled by a pregnant lady. He didn't realize I was pregnant until afterwards. Bryson also got a hat.

We snuck in drinks and candy so we didn't buy any junk food there and I avoided the merchandise stands so I didn't have to buy anything there either. I have gotten a bit smarter with all the shows and events we have gone to. I don't mind buying some toys and shirts, but wasn't going to buy the monster truck stuff.

Overall it was a goodnight and I am glad they only come once a year.


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I still can't believe you knocked the guy out of the way, that's my girl!!!
Love you, MOM

Lindsey said...

How fun! March is almost over:) I am excited for you.