Friday, March 6, 2009

A story about a little boy and a famous restaurant

Once upon two days ago there was a three year old little boy named Carter. He so desperately wanted to eat Olive Garden for dinner. His mother told him that they couldn't eat there because his brother had a rough day at school. She went on to say "That they couldn't go out to eat because going out to eat was special and that if you get in trouble at school then you don't deserve to eat somewhere special."

Carter replied back with a serious look "Well me and you can eat at Olive Garden and Bryson can sit there and watch!"

The mother trying to hold a straight face said that if Bryson was good at school the following day they would go to Olive Garden for dinner the next night.

When it was time for lunch the next day the mom asked Carter what he wanted for lunch and Carter said that he wanted Olive Garden. The mom reminded Carter that they would be eating dinner there. Carter wasn't satisfied and said that they could eat Olive Garden for lunch and dinner. The mom told him no but that he could have a lunchable for lunch. Carter was very happy about that.

When it was time to get Bryson from school Carter was so excited. He ran right up to Bryson and asked him if he had a good day. The teacher jumped up for joy and said "Bryson had a wonderful day and that he made good choices and that he was awesome!"

Carter was so excited and couldn't wait for dinner. Before the restaurant the mom had to drop off her sewing machine to get fixed and Carter fell asleep. He slept for about twenty minutes in the car and when they pulled up to Olive Garden the mom carried Carter in.

The mom asked Carter if he was feeling alright and he said he was tired. The mom ordered the food and drinks and then asked Carter if he needed to throw up. Carter said yes, so off to the bathroom they go.

Carter gets sick and the family have their food boxed up and head home.

Poor Carter didn't even get to taste any of his Olive Garden that he so desperately wanted for two days.

The mom and older brother ate their soggy salad and cold bread sticks at home.

The End!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Awww! I hope he feels better soon and you can go back to Olive Garden.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better!
Have a wonderful weekend!