Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's time again for Not me Monday with My Charming Kids

While shopping at the grocery store I absolutely DID NOT duck behind a middle food kiosk when I saw someone I didn't want to talk to. I also DID NOT find it hilarious that Carter my three year old was laughing at me and saying in a really loud voice "Mom, what are you doing? Hiding?"

I also DID NOT allow my child to wear the same pair of jeans three days in a row because he wanted to and kept reassuring me that "Mom, they aren't dirty." Because who lets their kids wear the same clothes over and over just to get out of doing more laundry. NOT ME!

While shopping at Target the other morning I DID NOT allow Carter to have a chocolate brownie for breakfast, Because who lets their child have a chocolate brownie for breakfast JUST BECAUSE the popcorn machine wasn't working. After all popcorn is better than brownies right? It is made from corn. *grin*

What have you NOT DONE this week?


♥April♥ said...

Love the brownie stroy. Thanks for shareing. Hope you havea great week

Momof4 said...

I had to check out your blog from MckMama's because my brother is in the Air Force (Mt. Home, Idaho), although not deployed. Thank you for your family's service to our country! I just got into Not Me Monday and enjoyed reading yours. Hope all continues to go well with your pregnancy.

Baseball Mom said...

LOL. Is there something wrong with letting son wear jeans multiple times in a row? I didn't do that either. :)

I came by from McKMamma's blog. Your blog title stuck out for me. We (dh) was in the USAF, stationed in Grand Forks.

I will have to visit again. Happy Monday!!

Anonymous said...

I DID NOT call my sister this week only for her not to answer.

johnandvic said...

well... it wasnt me you were hiding from :) Gosh.. Now I know what you do.. Avoid people and phone calls :)