Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My first package.

I received my first package from my wonderful husband today. After hearing about the things that were available for him to buy like cheap jewelry, knock off DVDs, and the like I was a little worried when Joe told me he found me something.

Alright I was a lot worried. I am not a big jewelry person, I wear my ring and earrings and that's it. Though honestly had it been jewelry I am sure I would have been happy just to receive something from him. When I opened the box I couldn't believe my eyes. Was I really seeing this? Could he possibly have thought about me and the things I love that much? Did he just touch my heart thousands of miles away?

I could never have imagined what was in the box, I think it's the best gift he has ever bought me. Are you dying to know what my gift was?

It's an old Russian camera. I am not sure how old or any other info on it, as I have tried to google it but everything is in a foreign language. I will keep trying. I love that even so far away he saw this old camera and knew it would fit right in with my collection. I think I fell in love a little more with my husband this afternoon. *grin*


Momof4 said...

So cool that you got a package from your husband! What a thoughtful guy. I'm not sure of the exact title of my brother, but he just finished law school this past spring, so I think he's a JAG. They were in England at Lakenheath for 3 years when he got accepted into the program to go to law school. Have fun with your camera!

Michelle said...

oh that was so sweet of him!!

Will he be home for the birth? I don't remember if you said how long he'll be gone.