Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 2 in review, there was not much to do.

We really didn't do a whole lot this week.

Monday: Bryson was off of school so I took the kids to Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch. It takes a good 30 minutes to get there so I figured that would take up a little bit of our day. Afterwards we came home and the boys rode there bikes.

Tuesday: We were suppose to have soccer pictures but our photographer was an hour late and I rescheduled.

Wednesday: My neighbor Terra had a Southern Living party at her home so that was the highlight of that day.

Thursday: The boys had soccer practice and then we went to the book fair at Bryson's school. They each got a book and then I picked one out for them. Afterwards we ate dinner there, they had hot dogs and Frito pie. After dinner the boys did a book walk and each won a book.

Friday: Yeah, Sarah came through again and fed us dinner. She made homemade pizza. A pepperoni one for the kids and the she made one with spinach leaves, tomatoes, and feta cheese. I was a little nervous about this pizza but ended up liking it more. Bryson called Joe once we got back home and told him it was the goodest pizza ever. Thanks Sarah for feeding us again. You are my life saver.

Saturday morning I woke up to a phone call at 7am from one of the mothers on our soccer team asking me if the game at 10 was going to be cancelled because of all the rain. I told her that once I woke up I would find out and call her back. I then went outside to get the soccer roster out of the car and realized that Bryson left his door to the car open the whole night while it rained.

The games were cancelled so we went to walmart. I had gone to walmart Friday morning and later that afternoon realized that I didn't have the milk that was in my cart. I found the receipt and saw that I had indeed bought it, I just didn't have it. I went to the car to make sure I hadn't left it in there and nope it wasn't there. I also realized I didn't have the juice I bought either. Thankfully walmart gave me another gallon of milk and another bottle of juice. I also took the boys to eat at Olive Garden. It was a special treat for Bryson cleaning his room. It was a chore I thought would never get done.

Once we got home Sarah came over and told us about an event that was being thrown for Spousal Abuse. We walked over there and had been there for a few minutes with Carter and Bryson start punching each other. I didn't think anything of it until Sarah pointed out that this was an event for abuse and here are Bryson and Carter beating each other up. I couldn't stop laughing.

And that leaves me with today. It's a cleaning day and I haven't started yet. Like I said this week was pretty boring. We are going to the fair next week and to Disney on Ice next Sunday so hopefully I will have more to write about.


Anonymous said...

Word to the wise, never call Dawn at 0700 in the morning! I miss you and the boys.



Anonymous said...

Cool story, me, ryan, jimmy, amanda and Robyn ate at Olive Garden on saturday too!!!!

How cool is that. Siblings! :)

They came up to Albuquerque for the wknd. It was a nice visit.

Hope all is well. I have 2 halloween pencils for the boys and a little shirt for the new little healthy girboy :) I'll mail it to you.


Joseph! Hope all is well! Take care of yourself. Your awesome!

Montoya6008 said...

Hello. You sure are busy! Aren't we all though:) It is nice to see that Joe has access to the blog and can find timet to enjoy it and leave you all little reminders of how he loves you-its great to see-Good Job Joe!!

Did you get anything free at Olive Garden?! If you know what I mean?

Hope all is well.
Love ya

Montoya6008 said...

Oops, sorry Dawn, I have another blog for my class and I was logged in under that! So, that is me...montoya6008. My bad!

Anonymous said...

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