Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two October Birthdays.

My niece Sarah turned 7 on October 16th. She had her birthday party today. I can't believe she is getting so old. I can remember the day she was born, so tiny and precious. She is still precious but not so tiny anymore.

Here she is with Bryson and Carter being Superheros. I hear she is also a huge Hannah Montana fan.

Happy Birthday Sarah, I hope you had a great birthday and party.

My grandmother Gigi, turned 84 today. How old do you have to be when saying your age is cool again. You start out telling everyone just how old you are and then you hit the 30's and 40's when no one dare speak your age and then all the sudden you pass that point where you are lucky to be alive so you tell anyone that will listen.

Boy am I lucky my Gigi is still alive!! She is a wonderful woman and I love her dearly. I have so many memories with her and am thankful for the many more to come.

I love you Gigi, Happy Birthday.

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Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Day GiGi!