Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bryson's actual Birthday Pictures.

I thought about letting Bryson skip school the day of his birthday but then I remembered how much fun it was to go to school on my birthday because all day everyone says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

I made Bryson chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles to take to his class. His birthday fell on a Wednesday which so happens to be an early release day so he was home by 2. He played with his friends until daddy got home and then we went to the peanut restaurant(Texas Roadhouse) for dinner. Bryson loves that place and even chose to eat their last year. The staff brought out a chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream that Bryson shared with us. He is so sweet.
After dinner we went to Walmart to pick out his bike. When we got home he was dying to ride it so we let him because even though it was late it was his birthday and you get to do whatever you want on your birthday and you don't even get in trouble. I know I will probably get in TROUBLE later in life for this one but I do not get mad or yell at them on their special day.

The boys came inside and took their baths and then Bryson blew out a few candles on some cupcakes.
Bryson said he had a wonderful day and a wonderful Pirate Party. I wonder where he will want to eat next year *grin*


Anonymous said...

Great video footage! I"m so glad Bryson had a special day! Yall are fantastic parents!!

I hope that letter makes it to Joe!


johnandvic said...

Glad to hear he had a great birthday.. Too funny.. Nathan wants a Tony Hawk bike we saw them at Target and Toys R Us and he picked one out.. Guess that is on Santa list :)

Lindsey said...

Cool bike Bryson...and yummy cupcakes!