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Bailey Virginia Hudson October 1st, 2011

Lets see where did I leave off.....Oh yeah, September 30th, 2011.  I was having contractions. I continued to have those contractions into the evening. Joe and I put the boys to bed and I was laying on the couch getting a foot rub and the contractions kept getting stronger and stronger. About 930pm I just couldn't handle it anymore so I told Joe I was going to head into the hospital, and that I would call him with updates.

There was no need to call our sitters over if they were just going to send me home.  I went up to labor and delievery and they put me in triage to check my contractions and progress.  They said they were pretty busy but I was the only one in a triage room so I guess the real rooms were full of laboring mamas.  I continued to have contractions for the next hour or so and finally around 1130 someone came to check me. It wasn't the doctor I was hoping for but a nurse.   He said I was a 4 and that I wasn't far enough to keep. I was a little frustrated and it must have shown on his face. He said that I was more than welcome to walk the hospital for a few hours and then come back and get checked again. So off I went.

 I walked up and down the ramp of the hospital for a little of an hour before I got tired, I then went to the waiting room and sat down wondering what I should do.  I also realized it was October 1st and I made it to "MY" delivery day.   It was about 130am  and I really didn't want to drive home just to come back again. So, I walked back to Labor and Delivery and told them I would like to be checked again. My contractions were starting to get really painful, to the point where I would want an epidural. I am all for a pain free labor/delivery. The nurse came back in and checked me, he said I was just shy of a 5. I was so frustrated,  I think when they check you it can very from person to person so I asked to see the doctor on call. It was the lady that delivered Leann and I knew she would keep me.

 She came in about 230am and asked me how I was feeling. I told her that I was having some pretty painful contractions. I told her I was 6 days overdue and was scheduled for an induction in 5 days. She asked if I thought I needed an epidural and I said almost. She then checked me and said I was a 5 and asked again if I needed an epidural and I said yes. She then said you can stay. She did fore warn me that it had been pretty crazy up there and that the anesthesiologist was busy and had been so the back up anesthesiologist had been called in and was also busy. She said it could be awhile.
I was moved over to my room around 4am. I continued to labor and the contractions became more painful. My doctor came in about 5am and said that the anesthesiologist was now free but that there was another mother crying hysterically and could she please go first. I think I finally got my epidural around 615am.  Every time someone would come into my room they would all ask where Joe was.  I had to explain that he was with our other 3 kids and would be here shortly.  It seemed to bother others more than me.  

There was also a staff change and the doctor that would delivery our little girl came in.  The funny thing is we knew him.  Joe had coached his son on our football team the year before.  I had not seen him at all during my pregnancy but he is a good doctor and we were happy to have him.

The intensity of my contractions lessened up a bit around 8 so they started pitocin to get them stronger. Joe came and joined me at the hospital around 830am and we were in for the long haul. He also picked up the camera and started taking some photos for me. He knows how much I love my photos.
We labored and had a little fun.
We started to wonder if we were ever going to have a baby.
My epidural stopped working and my contractions became very painful again.  The anesthesiologist was once again busy and couldn't come up right away.   Joe says I was not happy or pleasant.  There was a shift change at 6 and apparently my nurse never came back.  I just couldn't understand why they just couldn't call the back up.....I mean hello, I am in pain!!

I was really miserable here.  2 hours later I was finally pain free once again.  I was checked around 7pm and was told I was a 10 but that I had an anterior cervical lip.  He wanted to wait and see if the lip would become completely dilated before pushing.  At 920pm I was checked again and still had the lip.  He asked me to do a test push to see if I could push her over/under the lip and I was able to so they got everything ready for delivery. 


 I pushed twice and Bailey was born at 9:36pm.
She weighted 9lbs and 4oz.  She was our largest baby.
She was 21inches and beautiful.
They had to check her blood sugar every few hours for her first 24 hours of life since she was such a large baby.  She passed with flying colors.  I had a few complications after delivery.  I was hemorrhaging so they gave me some medicine and a shot which I guess helped.  I was pretty weak for the next few hours and felt very dizzy and tired so Joe really got some special one on one time with Bailey while I tried to feel better.
Our delivery Doc.

Thankfully once I got some sugar in my system with a bit of rest I felt a whole let better.  We were finally moved into the postpartum ward around 2am.  Joe then went home and picked the boys up the next morning from the Salas household. 

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