Sunday, October 9, 2011

Naha Tug-a-War ~ Okinawa, Japan

This is the biggest annual event here in Okinawa.  We didn't go the previous 2 years so we knew this was our last shot, and honestly had it not been our last year we wouldn't have gone either.  I am still not feeling like myself.  This has been the hardest delivery on my body.

If you remember with Chase I delivered him on a Monday and was back out on the baseball field coaching a game that Saturday.  It's just his time around I have been moving a lot slower.

Though with it being our last chance to go, we knew we needed to.  So we loaded up and headed out.  I have read that there could be more than 15,000 people there so strollers were out and good thing we didn't bring them it was crowed.

Can you believe this is our first family photo.

The total length of the rope is about 200 meters. I’ve read it weighs about 40 tons, costs about US $170,000 to make and around 15,000 people take part in the event.

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