Thursday, October 6, 2011

Admitted to the hospital

Bailey had her checkup yesterday. The checkup up you have a few days after birth to make sure the baby doesn't have jaundice and are gaining weight. I told her pediatrition about her not breathing episodes and turning blue. That I have to flip her over rub/pat her back pretty hard to make her breath again. She wasn't sure why Bailey was doing that and after checking that she was stable (so we wouldn't have to ride in the ambulance) she told us to head to the hospital to be admitted.

The got her all hooked up to machines and then we waited around for the pediatrician.  We went over her history, which obviously isn't long and then she gave her some medicine that helped with reflux.  The pediatrician was hoping this was it and it wasn't anything more serious.  She said that most likely she was having reflux and it was so painful that it was causing her to hold her breath in pain.

Thankfully she didn't have any more episodes while we were there and this morning they said we would be released by the afternoon.

Bailey has also been having some problems nursing.  She just hasn't wanted to latch on and stay latched on, so this hospital stay ended up being a blessing.  The lactation consultant came down and tried a few different tricks and products and gave me a hospital grade pump to take home.

We were released from the hospital "again" with a prescription for some reflux medication.  We are hoping she out grows this eventually.

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