Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mountain Man

While I was off climbing Mt Fuji Joe took some time off. When he is off he usually grows out his facial hair. He likes to tease me with it because I would rather his face feel like a baby's butt. The boys get a kick out of it when Joe will pin them down and rub his face on theirs. It's quite funny.

Here he is in all his hairy face glory!

Oh and I know the boys hair is really long, for some reason they don't want to cut it and are growing it out.


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Anonymous said...

The boys hair is SUPER LONG!!! So you did have a couple of girls! I like Joe's face shaved too!! Mountain man..

Lindsey said...

I remember when we used to call my dad mountain man! The boys hair looks cute...just like...Justin Beiber!

Dawn Hudson said...


Bryson is going to die when I tell him that. His best friends sister loves Justin Beiber and has posters all over her walls and he comes saying. "I don't like that Justin Beiber, and Carter says Yeah I don't like that Justin Beaver!" ha ha ha


Stacey and Hallie said...

Picture is awesome...the boys are growing so fast...and you're is their hair! But it's so cute too! Our love to you all!!