Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu

Today we are suppose to have a Typhoon pass over us. The timeline keeps changing so we are not sure exactly when it will hit. Yesterday we were told it would hit about 9am and be a cat 1 storm but now it's suppose to hit at about 3pm and it will be a cat 3 storm. Kompasu was so nice to stay out in the water and gain strength before coming onto Okinawa. The trampoline has been tied down and sandbags added. The storage shed also has been tied down with sandbags. All loose toys have been picked up and put away.

After one day of school it has now been cancelled today because of the typhoon. We have rented movies and games and will have fun spending time together as a family riding out the storm.

I think we are ready. Bring it on, Kompasu!!


Anonymous said...

Make sure you let one of know that you are okay after the storm, please. Either call me or Shannon. We are both on pins and needles.

Lindsey said...

Yes, post something so we know everything is ok. You guys be safe.

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo! Glad yall survived.I love the informative post about typhoon Kompasu. WHat's Kompasu mean anyway? I'll have to look it up. ANyway, pls post a cool story about the typhoon. What was it like? Did yall end up playing board games/watching movies as a family? That's awesome!! I can't believe you had 3 kids. This is sooo hard. I'll be 36 wks tomorrow. My next appt is Sept 17thats my 38wks day. I"m not special enough to go once a week.

Lindsey and Co said...

We loved the typhoons! Have fun!